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The company “which has over thirty years of experience in this field“ operates on several markets: from cosmetics to home care, from packaging to air filtering, to clothing. The production is completely made in Italy and can satisfy the most diverse needs of the market, creating customised products also in small quantities.




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Innovation, research and development… all this is now Kemitex, a leading company in the production of non-woven
fabrics with “chemical bond” system, i.e. through the carding of synthetic and natural fibres which allows to obtain
a fleeced veil, impregnated with different resins and chemical products, depending on the application of the final
product. This allows us to respond perfectly to the needs of different commodity sectors, from cosmetics to home
care, from packaging to air filtration and clothing. In its over 30 years of activity, Kemitex has distinguished itself for
ability to introduce extremely innovative products onto the market. Studying always-new proposals, which responds
to the specific needs of customers, is a challenge carried out every day!


and development

Technology must be designed and developed so to be at the service of man. Kemitex is aware of it and decided to invest in research and development to create products able to solve the critical aspects of each application sector. As a concrete example of this is the new nonwoven for homecare and filtration, which prevents the growth of bacteria.
The benefit is unique: Kemitex NON WOVEN FRESH products inhibit the replication of bacterial cells that come into contact with the surface, thereby obtaining an objective protective effect without necessity of classification nonwoven as antibacterial and freeing the manufacturer from complex and burdensome procedures related to biocide regulations.

Our proposals for

Covid - 19

Masks and specific products for personal protection

Surgical face mask type IIR

Medical Device registered in the database of the Ministry of Health

Surgical protective mask – type I

Medical Device Class I within the meaning of the directive 93/42/CEE

Hand sanitizer gel

Line of high alcohol content disinfectant cosmetic products.

Non surgical gown single use

Non-surgical gown registered as medical device.

III^ Category Non surgical gown

III^ Category Personal Protection Equipment

Complete kit composed of: Face mask, Face mask cover, Hair clip,Disinfectant spray.



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