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Kemitex operate in the air and oil filtration sector with its FILTER K-TEX™ line. For over 20 years Kemitex has been developing highly specialized and dedicated Chemical-bonding and / or Thermo-bonding Non-Woven Fabrics.

Air filtration and oily liquid filtration are among the industrial sectors where innovation, high quality and consistency over time are required with low environmental impact solutions. The formulations developed for the chemical treatments of the Non-Woven Fabric are 100% made in Kemitex and the performances are steady over time.

Kemitex’s R&D offers customization of production processes and solutions, in single or multi-layer, through in-line and off-line lamination, including customization by cylinder printing. Kemitex produces a line of products for different filtration fields: industrial, automotive, oils and wastewater filtration.

In particular, Kemitex is present on the international market with the NANO K-TEX ™ anti-pollen products for cars.
Fiber filters and ultra-filtering components such as the ones treated with nanotechnologies are a very effective barrier against pollen and dust present in the air, allowing the maintenance of a healthier environment in the passenger compartment of cars and a more comfortable and safe drive, thus as in homes and offices, a higher resistance to pollen and polluting factors.

NANO K-TEX ™, GREEN K-TEX ™, FILTER K-TEX™ are Kemitex’s three 2022 leading brands for the air and oil filtration sector.

NANO K-TEX ™ employs nano technology to maximize air super-filtration at both low and high temperatures over 100 ° C.
Weights range available is from 50 gr/m2 to 250 gr/m2.
This product is improved for the trucking sector, civil and industrial air conditioning, cleanroom. Anti-bacterial technology for clean rooms is also available.

GREEN K-TEX ™ is the new line created to meet the pressing specifications by the EU for the creation of low environmental impact products, where technically possible. In this case, the filters are made with the use of fibers and technology that make the material biodegradable in a share of over 95%.

NWF NONWOVEN FRESH® is a patented Kemitex technology that confer the Non-Woven fabrics of the FILTER K-TEX™ a special chemical treatment with high resilience to bacteria thanks to certified bacteriostatic properties. As well as, where required, they are antiviral and flame resistant with permanent treatments aimed at the cold and hot air filtration sector up to 300 ° C.

This range of products is in fact able to eliminate the bacterial load in a non-invasive way (in the absence of biocides) and it is permanent. It also allows the product to remain within the parameters set by the biocide directive currently in force.
Tests carried out in specialized laboratories confirm the quality of the solution developed by Kemitex and are available to customers who request them.

Home care

Kemitex has been manufacturing home care products for several years now, including for the leading companies in this sector. Besides the nonwoven fabrics used for drying and scented sachets, in 2009 the company patented the catch colour fabric, more commonly known as the fabric that can prevent colour runs in the washing machine. The new NON WOVEN FRESH® patent allows the color capture cloths to prevent the growth of the bacterial load by adding a sanitizing action for all men.

We are able to offer a product with tested efficiency that effectively break down the bacterial. We can supply TNT in roll or even the finished product with custom logos or graphics, packed in boxes.

Personal care

For over 15 years the company has been producing TNT fabrics for epilation, becoming the leading manufacturer in this field. Kermitex can supply the product in strips or rolls.

The company also specialised in the production of makeup remover pads and face masks. It can also supply OEKOTEX STANDARD 100-certified products for skin contact.


Moonpaper is the first Non-Woven fabric made for waxing. It’s a 100% Made in Italy product with a soft texture and pleasant at touch, characterized by a delicate fragrance which makes the aesthetic treatment even more pleasant. It guarantees an excellent result, guaranteed efficacy and saving in time and material used.


The search for new packaging solutions has led the company to develop a versatile range of products with different tactile, strength, colour and print characteristics. Moreover, customers can choose among a wide range of products, thanks to the different nature of the various thermal adhesive powders used.

We produce TNT with specific transpiration capacity suitable for moisture absorption (for example in static dehumidifiers) or for the emission of scents (sachets for closets and towels).

These Kemitex products can be customized with logos or graphics: a service that already we provide for primary brands in the industry.


From the nonwoven fabrics used to line the internal padding of clothes, to those used for hat brims and caps, this company’s wide range of products is addressed to the best pattern-makers and embroiderers, providing articles with different feel, weight, strength, colour and thermal adhesiveness.

Kemitex provides the most important suppliers for high fashion and produce garment Accessories: such as belts for trousers, outer fabric shoulder pads of the jackets. We also provide TNT rolls used for track and support for embroidery on fabric, with a wide range of weights (from 30 to 230 gr/m2) and levels of softness.

Our non-woven fabric can be treated with thermoplastic powders that provide the ability to adhere to surfaces through heat. Kemitex has been certified by OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 for skin contact. We carry out specific technological controls on products including both water and dry washing resistance.

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To 15—200 cm format, or to sheet format

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Treatments Carry out thermoplastic treatments and chemical treatment

The quality of Kemitex products is constantly monitored