NWF technology


It is an innovative range of products able to prevent the growth of the bacterial load. IT IS NOT A BIOCIDE. The substrate produced by Kemitex with a “Chemicalbonding” technology, starting from polyester fibers, follows the protocol of the European Commission (DG SANTEDDG2 – Unit E.3 – Pesticides and Biocides). The mechanism of action carried out in the process is mechanical physical-ionic: it consists of an attraction of the bacterial membrane by the positively charged non-woven fabric. This solution allows to PREVENT the development of the bacterial load that is deposited on the substrate of NONWOVEN FRESH® (NWF). NONWOVEN FRESH® (NWF) is tested according to the standard: ASTM 2149-2010
Preventing the proliferation of colonies of bacteria, mushrooms and allergens means:
  • Efficiency of the devices
  • More individual protection
  • More protection of the community
  • Decrease or neutralisation of odors
  The NONWOVEN FRESH® product is therefore healthier, suitable for all applications, does not lose efficiency over time, leaves no residues and it is hypoallergenic.

The quality of Kemitex products is constantly monitored