New TNT for Homecare

We have created a unique filtration and homecare TNT with a particularstructure that prevents the growth of bacteria.

The benefit : Kemitex NON-WOVEN FRESH products allow to inhibit the replication of bacterial cells that come into contact with the surface, obtaining a real protective effect without having to classify the TNT as “antibacterial“.So you can avoid the manufacturer to comply with the procedures established by EU regulations biocides, that are very complex and very expensive in terms of overcoming the checks.

Kemitex filters, for example, preventing the growth of bacteria are great for filtering by car.

The effectiveness of the products NON WOVEN FRESH is guaranteed by laboratory tests and reduce the bacterial load virtually at 100%, without falling back on biocidal product directive currently in force.

Thanks to this quality, Kemitex has been certified by OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 to make products for skin contact.

The quality of Kemitex products is constantly monitored