Non Woven Fresh: our new product range

Kemitex has created the new product range: NON WOVEN FRESH  (NWFRESH) This innovative range of products has been developed to prevent the growth of bacteria but is not classified as a biocide. How does NON WOVEN FRESH work? NON WOVEN FRESH ACTS AS A MAGNET Our substrate, as specified by the European Commission (DG SANTEDDG2 – Unit E.3 “ Pesticides and Biocides) is not classed as a biocide, as the mechanism is essentially of ionic physical and mechanical origin. The positively charged non-woven fabric attracts the bacteria membrane, thus preventing growth of bacteria.The average lifetime of most bacteria ranges from just a few minutes to a few hours, and only in rare cases can extend to a few days.This all depends on the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, the presence of nutrients etc. It is therefore reasonable to assume that PREVENTING THE SPREAD OF BACTERIA COLONIES, FUNGI, OR ALLERGENSÂ MEANS ELIMINATING ODOURS AND KEEPING DEVICES MORE HYGIENIC.

In the filtration sector, maintaining high levels of hygiene is essential for the air that is filtered.


The action of NON WOVEN FRESH is effective on numerous types of bacteria and fungi thanks to its function as a “magnet” on the membrane.

Kemitex is able to provide scientific proof of the prevention of bacterial growth on the substrate of NON WOVEN FRESH .NON WOVEN FRESH will undergo specific scientific testing in accordance with the standard ASTM 2149-2010

The bacteria strain analysed is STAPHYLOCOCCOS AUREUS.This strain has been selected as it is commonly present on various latitudes of the earth. For each batch, Kemitex will issue a test certificate from an external test laboratory to demonstrate its effectiveness on the culture as analysed according to this method.

If you wish to certify other bacteria strains or fungi, the specific analysis must be carried out, requesting the relative quote from the laboratory.The current laboratory we work with is: CNR “Istituto per lo studio delle macromolecole di Biella .

The quality of Kemitex products is constantly monitored